Helping Home Buyers, Sellers,
& Investors Reach Your Real Estate Goals

Barrington Capital Growth LLC  is a real estate investment company that specializes in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure buying unwanted or burdensome properties from people who need to part ways with those properties for win-win solutions… and helping people who want to own a home of their own get into a great home at great prices.

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At Barrington Capital Growth LLC we’ve built our reputation on always looking for the best way to truly have house sellers, home buyers, and our investors come out with the best situation possible on each transaction.

As you’ve seen… or maybe even experienced… the last several years the real estate market has taken a hit and many people have gone through some rough situations as a result. We help many homeowners in  each month to stop foreclosure or find the best solution to get rid of a burdensome property.

So, are you looking for a home to buy in ?  Need to sell a house or multi-family property that is dragging you down?  Or do you want to learn how to partner with us on our investment properties to improve your own investment portfolio in the volatile financial times we’re living in?